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June 20, 2012, 10:21 pm
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Wow, so apparently I disappeared for a month. Apologies for that. I’d blame RL stuff like getting married and adjusting to a new job but that’s just a bunch of excuses, innit?

Seriously, though, I haven’t been playing much. Right around the time that DIII came out, my guild practically disappeared. It was sad. I’m still sad. Those were some great times.

But I did get back on last night and played a bit on my new server. Choosing to transfer was not a decision, nor a choice. It was either go and have a shot at playing with people or stay and kick tumbleweeds. So we went.

The mega-servers are indeed interesting. There were almost three hundred people on the fleet and more than one instance (I’m not sure if that’s three hundred total or three hundred on one plus more on the other, but either way, it beats the pants off of logging in at prime time to see twenty-two people in the hub).

There’s a lot of people. I’ve already started to recognize some, but others had to change their names so it’s a learning process. And of course, there’s lots of new people I haven’t met before, and on a server this size I won’t ever get to know anyone. I hope that some of the folks from Tarro Blood will keep their community spirit (we had a great PVP community), but on the plus side I’m in a guild with a handful of the ones I enjoyed playing with most.

It’s been a little weird getting used to names all over again. Surprise, surprise, I was able to keep Temblor and Peal. Apparently my names are so uncommon no one would ever claim them. But hey, I’m okay with that. I once had a paladin named Enlynn. I mean, seriously. That’s kinda ridiculous.

And by kinda, I do mean very.

Last night I lost over and over and over again but it was still fun. There’s a newness to the game all over again that I’m sure will only last a few more days (if that) but hopefully the server transfer injects fresh energy that lingers. Am I too optimistic? Perhaps. A part of me feels that it’s too little, too late, but I would like to be wrong on that.

How about you? How are you enjoying your new home?


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Congratulations on getting married and the new job!

We haven’t moved yet but will hopefully do so soon.

Comment by Shintar

Thanks, Shintar. Hope your move goes as well as mine did!

Comment by barb

We are having a blast on all three of our new destination servers.

Comment by Psynister

Our new server (Canderous Ordo) is pretty solid, and pvp-wise, seems to feature about the same win/loss ratio as our last one (50/50), with reps standing a better chance in 10-49 than they did on the old one. That could be wrong as it’s all anecdotal, but I haven’t been infuriated in pvp yet, and tbh, there seems to be an equal amount of qq in both fleet general chats. I call that balance 🙂

All of our allied guilds were transferred (90% at least) within the first 24 hours after we were flagged, while our guild took about a week for everyone to get everything over. We got our guild banks back on Saturday, so that’s finally finished.

Last night was probably the first night since that we’ve had great turn out on both sides (we have rep and imp guilds). A 4 man leveling group and a few randoms doing their own thing on the imp side, 4 reps who ran story EV with an ally guild, me leveling my sent, and whatever the difference is, up to 12 people on the rep side. Over 10 people in mumble too, which is about as high as we ever get (normally 2-5). Things are settling down and I’m feeling good about our situation again. It really has kind of reinvigorated the game for me, but I’m not sure why since I’m still playing with the same people, in guild and allied guilds, as I was prior.

Comment by mooftak

That’s great to hear, Mooftak. Sounds like you have lots and lots and lots of people to play with – the real crux for success of an MMO. 🙂

Comment by barb

Oh and grats on your RL achievements 🙂

Comment by mooftak

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