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gg- or not?
May 22, 2012, 12:00 pm
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It’s my pet peeve when people use GG in general chat incorrectly.

Okay, let’s pretend it’s… Huttball. We have the ball, they get the ball. They almost score, we get the ball back. Back and forth. Frogdog crushed! Rotworm down! At the end of the match, it’s 3-3 and with thirty seconds left it’s a total tossup who will have the ball when the countdown ends.

That, my friends, is a good game. I think it’s great to share this sentiment with the opponent, even if they lose, because clearly this was a tension-filled match with ups and downs, crazy feats of derring-do, and battle scars in the making.

So it really irks me to see either a teammate or opponent use GG in general chat after a ROFLstomp. 6-0 in 4 minutes is not a good game. Fun for the winner, definitely, but not “good” because GG should be for friendly sportsmanship, acknowledgment of a worthy foe, appreciation of a hard-fought match… not for gloating.

Unless, of course, you’re the loser and you want to tell me GG even though you never had a chance. But if you win? You just look like a jackass. Save that GG for a game you actually had to work for, thanks.



on customer service
May 15, 2012, 1:15 am
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My ticket was answered today.

I submitted this ticket three weeks ago, on 4/21/2012. Today, 5/14/2012, I finally get an answer.

We think we fixed the issue, so try resetting… again.

So at some point I will do the last leg of my class quest for THE THIRD TIME. I’ve had my Dark-Side speeder sitting my bag for more than a month, 100 points shy to use it because I hadn’t been awarded the Dark Side points I earned from blowing shit up.

Granted, I could have gotten another mount in the meantime. But still. I’m a stubborn woman and I guess I thought it wouldn’t take them a month to resolve the problem (first ticket with this problem was initially submitted 4/14/2012).

…in recent patches? You wait till a Monday night to mentioned you fixed this at least 6 days ago?

I’m kind of speechless. I really love SW:TOR and I want it to succeed… but I can’t be the only one who’s had to wait this long for an automated response for a problem they fixed “some time ago”. It’s downright insulting.

i’m level 11 and muckin up your queue

In an attempt to fight the problem we have with 6-8 people wanting to queue and dealing with how we split up our parties, how we stagger the queues (which ends up being time consuming, less games for one team), or if we’ll fight against each other, well, we thought we’d all roll lowbies so we could get a group of 50’s playing and a group of lowbies and it’d all be good.

Except we’re all kind of in love with our lowbies so we’re stuck with the same problem: 6-8 wanting to run together.

I made a sorcerer to heal. Of course I did. I love them. I miss my sorcerer. And the lowbie queue is really fun. It’s average faster queue times, and for some reason crushing losses are funnier when you’re level 11 with only 1 heal than when you’re 50 and still 2k points from your next War Hero upgrade.

We do experience crushing losses. When four of us level 11-12s join and the highest level person is 33 on our team, well, we realize we’ve kinda gimped everyone. But I don’t care, it’s still fun. It’s not all losses, and sometimes even at level 11 you can lead the scoreboard (in places like Voidstar where everyone can get face time) and still feel like you did good things.

I’ve even scored in Huttball. And here I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to score till I had Force Speed. Can’t wait for that, btw, and bubble, and Innervate… The nice thing about leveling this way is there’s so much to look forward to. I think most of us will do class quests but mostly focus on leveling PvP. And this time? Dark side all the way.

Seriously, though. BioWare, we need 8-man queues. Right away. We can’t be the only guild that’s suffering with this awkward size thing. Oh, and I’ve had a ticket open since 4/21 that no one has touched. Some customer service would GREAT.