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mandatory conversations: boarding party
March 1, 2012, 4:56 pm
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For some odd reason, Boarding Party tends to be our FP of choice. It was one of the first I learned how to do and I dare say that for the past two or three weeks I’ve ran it nearly every day.

This may or may not be a spoiler. One of the NPCs is really, really annoying. You don’t get to speak to her until the end. And when you do, this is an option:

But it’s not really an option, is it? Because all the other “options” to talk aren’t near as exciting as this one. It’s mandatory; in my groups this is the answer you pick.

Another thought on BP:

A handful of trash pulls can be skipped. And I just spent several minutes trying to explain what I meant but without screenshots it’s kind of a pain. So I’ll have to jump back into boarding party and take pictures for another post on skippable trash. In BP and in Foundry.

Are there FPs you find yourself going back to when you need to grind? Are there lines you just love so much you have to say them every time?


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I have yet to do Boarding Party and The Foundry, but I’m working my way up to it on Imperial side. I don’t think I’ve done any flashpoint often enough to have developed a love for any particular lines, but the bit in the Esseles with the engineers always elicits competitive banter about who’s going to get to decide their fate in the parties I’ve been in.

Also, I have to admit that more than anything else, this post made me go WTF at Peal’s outfit in that screenshot. XD

Comment by Shintar

Shintar – when I saw your post on Esseles I was lost and confused. Then I remembered you play Republic and there’s a whole lot of this game I haven’t seen yet (working on it, made a couple low level Pubs to play around with!)

Hah. Since Peal has such poor gear anyways, I went ahead and got her the Imperial Dancer outfit and put decent mods in it. I figured if she was going to be embarrassingly geared, I may as well have fun with it. 🙂

Comment by barb

I didn’t actually realise the hat was part of the outfit too. And here I was wondering how you managed to find a skimpy dress and a ridiculous fan hat in matching colours! 😀

Comment by Shintar

It IS a pretty ridiculous hat. I was sad when I found an upgrade.

Comment by barb

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