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kolto graffiti: enjoy your probe
February 9, 2012, 8:07 pm
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I’ve heard a couple of times in general chat that Operatives are “hot-based healers” and at first I wanted to disagree. Call me a WoW noob, but when you say hots, I think druids. And Operatives only have one hot; as do Sorcerers.

And yet… Kolto Probe is 8 kinds of awesome. It is a vital part of Operative healing. It’s a different kind of hot than any I’ve seen before and when I tried to describe it to my pocket tank I realized… It’s not easy to explain all of the things that Kolto Probe does for the healer and the person it heals.

Here’s the tooltip:

Kolto Probe
Energy: 15
Range: 30 m
Summons a droid that heals a friendly target for X over 18 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.

Sounds simple… But here’s the misleading part: You can cast Probe 3 (and more) times on a player, and 3 Probes hover around them. It looks like they are getting the benefit of Probe 3 times, but the number ticking over their head is limited to 2 Probes.

I had previously believed it doesn’t roll, but after experimenting I realized I was wrong. It does roll. So long as you cast 2 before the first Probe wears out, and continue to cast 1 Probe before all Probes fade, the hot will continue ticking at 2-Probe strength. The duration on the tooltip represents the timer of the most-recently-cast Probe.

lean, mean and green

For the Operative, Kolto Probes have the chance to proc Tactical Advantage, a secondary energy source that gives the Operative more spells to cast, one that costs no Energy, and one that costs some Energy, and a self-buff that gives Energy back over time. All are pretty important to make sure the Operative doesn’t run low on Energy.

I’d say that when I run myself out of Energy, it’s because I’d let all my Probes fade. Keeping them going on the tank ensures I have at least one TA proc every few seconds.

I have a feeling I’ll learn by doing once my raid team is doing Operations on a regular basis, but 18 seconds is a hard rhythm to learn.

And yet, I love the Probe. It’s a great spell, it’s fundamental to Operative healing, and there’s no other hot like it. Besides, it’s a tiny glowing probe spraying green gunk on your target. That’s just awesome.


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